Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I have received a number of enquires from Oscott residents wanting to know when they will get their wheelie bins (for household rubbish)
Having spoken to the Cabinet Member who is responsible and it now looks likely it will be in the late spring of next year. (this is still not set in stone)
I understand for a number of residents this may seem a long time to wait but the process of distribution in a city of the size of Birmingham means not everything can be done at once.
On the other hand those resident not wanting Wheelie bins because of space concerns and so on will have a time to prepare to try and deal with their arrival and make arrangements to receive them.
There will also still be an opportunity to say why you do not think your property is suitable for having a Wheelie bin or to request assistance to move them if you are elderly or disabled..

If you have any concerns regarding this issue please contact me Email Keith.Linnecor@birmingham.com or Tel 303 2039 (messages) and I will try and address your concerns as best I can. (Please leave your full address and contact details)

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