Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Ever since Councillor James Mckay (the Cabinet member responsible) announced the plan to modernise Birmingham’s refuse collection system by introducing wheelie bins, I have often been asked about where we are buying them from AND WILL THEY BE BRITISH.? 

Recently the Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet  made decisions on the contract awards for the bins that will be delivered city-wide to homes in the remaining 38 wards of Birmingham.(there are 2 wards already with bins as part of a pilot scheme.)

The contract for the 350,000 bins (180 litre capacity) that will be used for general household waste, currently put into black sacks, has been awarded to a company with its headquarters in Rotherham.
The contract for 380,000 bins (240 litre capacity) that will be used for recyclable waste, currently put into two small boxes, has been awarded to the same Rotherham-based company.
The contract for the 350,000 pods/caddies (55 litre capacity) that will be inserted into the recycling bins, for the collection of paper, has been awarded to a company from Hull.
Finally, the contract for the 3,000 bins (360 litre capacity) that will be offered to households of nine or more people, has been awarded to an EU company, with its production based in Germany.
In short this means of the 1,083,000 bins we have procured, 99.7 per cent will be made in the UK.
Many councils up and down the country are already buying bins at the moment as a result of the government grants they won through the Weekly Collection Support Scheme and Birmingham has followed their lead although there has been some reluctance in some quarters.

I understand that there are still Oscott residents with concerns about receiving wheelie bins but at least the fact that the vast majority of them will be made in the UK and will help secure jobs in this country, will be welcomed by most people.
Oscott house hold waste Wheelie bins are due to be rolled out next year 2015 and when they are if you have any concerns about them please let me know and I will do what I can to help.
For example elderly or disabled residents can receive help moving them!

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