Wednesday, 20 August 2014


 During my battles with Amey to try and get large forest trees pruned more vigorously through out the Oscott Ward they have not responded with any great enthusiasm,.to my requests in my view, for them to take action.
Now they have come up with this.

"We appreciate your concerns, but we are managing the trees to the requirements of Birmingham City Council’s tree policy, our maintenance contact with them, British Standards and industry best practise."

I am now campaigning to get the Birmingham Councils Policy changed and also the Governments British Standards best practise, which in the case of Oscott seem frankly to be rubbish.

No one is calling for mass pollarding just for Amey to prune the larger type street trees in Oscott more (like happened until they were given the contract by the previous Council administration.

Many residents and myself have witnessed how little so many of the large trees in Oscott are pruned and it is simply not good enough. Simply removing a few branches which overhang a garden or telephone wire is not enough. There also needs to be in a "phased way" more large trees replaced by smaller more suitable native trees. I am in full support of having trees in our roads but they need to be the right ones in the right place.

I will even if I am unsuccessful,  be calling on Amey to do more in Oscott and prune the trees more.

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