Friday, 31 October 2014


I have been along to see how the Burford Road new fencing work is progressing. It seems to be moving along at some pace.
Most of the new fencing is now up and the old style palisade fencing which covered part of the Burford Road boundary has now been erected in front of the old concrete panel fencing on the Melverly Road garage boundary to give some added protection there.

I have spoken to a number of local residents who are happy to see the fence go up at last and some have agreed to let me have their memories of the site.

When finished  the fencing will have 2 small gaps with a barrier behind to prevent motor bikes getting on the site but allow pedestrians to.
The fence will be easier to look through which will help security issues when the Police go past.
There will be an inner fence and gate at the Kingstanding entrance to prevent trouble makers hiding in that area when the Police are passing.
 The concrete footings which attract anti social behaviour will be removed and the concrete fencing on the Melverly garage side of the field will as indicated be secured by palisade fencing to help stop anyone climbing over the wall there.

Work is expected to finish in a few weeks.?

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