Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Like many residents yesterdays delays on the A34 due to the flooding caused me a lot of delay and the lack of understanding residents had was not good enough. 
Drivers and bus users suffered serious delays with a knock on effect to the local economy. Most of the roads surrounding the Walsall road were badly effected including may in the Oscott ward.

I have been asked questions and have my own questions on what happened as well.

Q1 Why did it apparently take 8 hours between the police closing the underpass and Amey turning up?

Q2 Why were the Fire Service not called out to deal with the flooding, the gridlock around the area caused by this surely constituted a potential threat to life?

Q3 Where were the police and Amey traffic engineers to manually control the traffic and traffic signals to help ease congestion?

Q4 Why wasn't parking prohibited outside Greggs and the other shops on Birchfield Road, which as a consequence all traffic had to squeeze into one lane?

Q5 Re the faulty pump or failed power to the pump. There is a suggestion that it was the flood water that caused the power outage that meant the pump failed, has that not been considered? 

Q6 Why was there so little contact with the Perry Barr District office who did not appear to know what was happening until I asked them to find out.

Q7 Are the pumps controlled or monitored remotely or can they be.

Q8 Why were local Councillors in the area not kept informed of what was happening.

Q9 What lessons have been learnt from the incident and will they be implemented.


When I get the answers I will be posting them and I am calling for a multi agency review into what happened.

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