Thursday, 9 October 2014


The 3 Oscott Councillors have for many years been fighting to safe guard the Burford Road Playing Fields and the Glenmead Road Playing Fields. We have been battling to improve fencing, grass cutting, the use by football teams and for local residents to be able to use the site for exercise and recreation.
They are also very useful in keeping children off the streets giving them somewhere safe to burn off excessive energy and to excise especially during the holiday periods.

I remember well many years ago leading the fight with local residents to get the Council to open gaps in the fencing on these sites to allow for the community to use and both sites and they have been well used by many since.

However now the 3 Oscott Councillors are fighting to take the situation to the next level and are battling to get Village green status for these sites. It will be a battle,  but if we succeed these sites will be safe for many generations to come.

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