Friday, 31 October 2014


 I always do my best to try and answer the difficult questions put to me even by those who do not give their names with that in mind this is the update regarding the Nova court Junction traffic lights.

In 2004, in determining the planning appeal relating to the residential development of St Margaret’s Hospital on Queslett Road, Great Barr, the Planning Inspector agreed the “scope of issues” to be addressed within the associated s278 Agreement. Of relevance to the enquiry made by by myself regarding the junction of Booths Lane with Queslett Road (Nova Court) is item 1 which reads:
“A scheme will be developed to deal with the transfer of traffic along Booths Lane arising from the proposed traffic signal junction.  This could include improvements to the junction of Booths Lane with Queslett Road (such as signalisation, if required, depending on the volume of traffic transferring to the junction) and also measures to deter rat running along Booths Lane.”
Developer funding secured by the above clause was received in 2006. The Agreement specified that the funding was available for a period of 5 years from deposit. 
During 2009, officers considered the potential for the introduction of traffic signals at the junction of Booths Lane with Queslett Road (Nova Court), which included discussion with officers from Sandwell MBC. This review concluded that for a variety of reasons, (including road traffic accident statistics, scheme cost and delay to traffic) the introduction of traffic signals could not be justified or supported. 

In August 2010 a proposal to modify the junction of Booths Lane with Queslett Road (Nova Court) was developed and approved.  
 Sandwell MBC used a contribution from Birmingham funded by the Nether Hall Park development to deliver the local improvement works at the junction.  This included carriageway resurfacing and changes at the left and right turn exits from Queslett Road due to the intense pressure a number of residents and I put on to try and get something done..  Sandwell also introduced the permanent variable message sign on Queslett Road facing east bound traffic.

The Transportation Services (Development Control Team) are currently following my regular requests, considering a formal planning application submitted by Taylor Wimpey regarding the proposed residential development on land at Booths lane and Sandy Lane and and any potential traffic issues
.I  am calling for the Queslett Road Junction to be looked at again.

 The only assurance I can give is even after all this time I have not given up trying on behalf of residents,to get  some for of traffic light system for this junction.

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