Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Unlike some, although I know a little about trees I am not an expert.
I do know however like a large number of Oscott residents who live is streets with old large forest type trees, are not happy the way they are being pruned at times.
I have been calling for some time for a re think on how these sorts of trees are being pruned.

The issues trees of this type create for residents include
The sticky residue they create which covers, drives, cars and bay windows.
The issue of light especially when they are located near street lamps.
Concerns about aerial dish or phone line interference.
The increase in lung conditions.
Roots either invading Gardens, or uplifting pavement causing trip hazards.
Excessive leaves causing problems with drainage.

 I need to make it quite clear I value trees in our road. They look nice the are environmentally essential in helping with Carbon Dioxide levels and so on. They also due to their take up of water help reduce water levels and prevent flooding.

I have called over and over again for a sensible phased large tree replacement program where very large trees are gradually replaced by smaller more suitable ones.

If you have the same concerns as myself but perhaps are a little concerned that you may be considered as causing problems if you complain, please get it touch with me and join my campaign to improve the tree stocks in Oscott and help ease the concerns of Oscott residents.
This can not be done over night but more needs to be done.

I fully understand that the tree officers have a tough job to do trying to negotiate between those who want to keep the trees we have and maintaining them and on the other hand  residents who simply do not like trees and want many just removed.

I am trying to create a half way house where those who like trees but see the problems they cause are listened to more synthetically and their frustration is taken into account.

Please let me have your concerns email Keith. Linnecor@birmingham.gov.uk

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