Thursday, 13 November 2014


Amey Birmingham Highways contractor intend resurfacing Lindsay Road week ending 28th November. However they appear to have forgotten although this road is small on the scale of things having no residents living in it, closing this road does effect over a 100 residents living in Ashworth Road.
Ashworth Residents were not even told about the closure proposals until I had to get in touch with Amey urgently requesting  residents be contacted with the relevant information.
 Lindsay Road connects Booths Lane to Ashworth Road and is the only way out for Ashworth Road residents.
Amey will now be notifying residents and have also agreed weather permitting to speed up the work involved and to cut down the proposed closure time from 5 days to 2.
The Parks department who are at last carrying out some fencing, signage and path improvement wok on the near by Queslett Nature Reserve were also not informed of the closure until I connected them However if needed they may be able to use the reserves other entrance.

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