Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Government cuts in Police funding are starting to bite.
Kingstanding Police station is just one of many throughout the region that is set to close to the public over the next 12 months.
Following what the Police have called consultation they have decided to close a number of Police stations to save on the costs of front desk service.

The Police service believe that resident will still be able to contact them through their webb site, Email (if you have access to a computer?), the 101 phone service (none emergency and by means of local Police community meetings in each area.
I have my doubts about this but recognise if Police funding is slashed changes must be made. I would have thought scraping the position of Police Commoner and all the bureaucracy that entails, across the country would have help set an example in this.

The Police maintain these cuts will help keep front line officers on the beat.

I have complained to senior officers and the Police Commissioner regarding this decision which I feel is not in the best interest of Oscott residents although I understand the Police's reasoning on this matter.

I have also passed on my appreciation to the Local Police team for the work they do.

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