Thursday, 6 November 2014


 I  occasionally receive complaints regarding the state of the pavement out side shops only to find the "pavement" is part of a shops frontage. If that is the case it is up to the trader/shop keeper to maintain their  frontage and not let it become a trip hazard. Uneven paving slabs or broken tar mac surfaces can be dangerous.
I do sometimes get the Council to send reminders to shop keepers, advising them of their responsibilities.

If you see a badly maintained shop frontage you could politely inform the shop keeper asking them to sort it out or contact me and I will try and get the Council to remind them.

Should you have a fall as a result of a badly maintained shop frontage ( you can often  tell the difference from the Councils pavement which is near the road as the surface changes)  make a note of the circumstances date and time for example and take a photograph if possible. You may wish to contact the Council to ensure the trip is the responsibility of the shop keeper. If it is you may wish to seek legal advise on how to make a claim.

Most good shop keepers and traders keep their frontages trip free and tidy but I would appeal to all shop keepers in the Oscott area to check their frontages and keep them maintained. At the end of the day they might find them selves liable for a claim against them.

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