Monday, 7 March 2016


The Neighbourhood Police Tasking Group is made up of the Police Local Community Leaders, Council officers and my self representing the Oscott Ward Committee.

Having attended the Oscott Police Neighbourhood Tasking meeting last week it is clear that there has been a increase in crime in the Oscott area( over the last 12 months)  for the first time in a number of years
There has been a spike in the number of burglaries, shed break ins and thefts from cars.
This is possible due to the cuts in local police funding resulting from cuts to Police funding generally from the Government for the last few years.

This is despite the excellent work done by the Local Police Team , Neighbour Hood Police Initiative and Neighbour hood Watch.

The message to Oscott Residents is the Police cannot be every where,
Lock your doors and windows
Keep valuables out of site (those within your car)
Do not leave you car keys in the home where they can be easily found.
Keep a light on at night when you go out.
Keep on eye on your own property and don't forget to do the same for your neighbours.
Lock rear gully gates
Lock sheds
If you see or hear anything suspicious ring the Police.
Join the Neighbourhood Watch and Neighbourhood Police Initiative

At the Oscott N.P.T.G meeting parking issues and ASB was also discussed. The Police are look into a number of issues and will be reporting back to the next meeting

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