Tuesday, 15 March 2016


AS a result of a petition I handed into the Council last year calling for a step over crossing to be placed on the Dyas Road near the Old Oscott  Lane end,  it has finally been agreed this is to happen.

The finale stage of reports to committees has now been carried out and the new step over is due to be put in during the summer.

Residents have been calling for this crossing as this road can be very busy and many residents need to use the local shops located on the corner of Dyas Road and Old Oscott Lane. Many school children also use the bus shelter near this spot.

This step over will be similar to the one at the other end of Dyas  Road near the Aldridge Road junction.
It will enable those wishing to cross the road to go half way and then to be protected by the refuge. This will also have the effect of narrowing the road which will slow up traffic.

I would like to thank all those residents who signed the petition and also my Ward Colleagues and the NPI for their support.

Please also note my post dated 3rd Feb.

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