Monday, 4 July 2016


Due to cuts in funding grass cutting on the Glenmead Playing Field apart from some fire breaks has stopped.

I have asked that as part of some on going fund finding meetings this is put high on the agenda.

My 2 Oscott  ward colleages like my self feel this issue needs to be addressed ASAP

Children need to be able to play on this field and adults need somewhere to be able to take some exercise. The near by street are busy with passing traffic.

We are currently looking at a long term solution but something needs to be done sooner than latter.

I am currently also looking into the idea of finding sponsorship to have the grass cut on this field  a few hundred pounds or so could help a lot while we try to secure longer term funding.

If you know of someone or a company interested please let me know Email

The way the national game is going any help at a much, much lower level and is needed and  this kick about area is needed. You never know a future star may start their football on this field.
The more space where children can play foot ball the better.

You can rest assured I will do what I can.

Councillor Baraba Dring is also looking into a long term solution re that of village green status for the field.

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