Thursday, 21 July 2016


I am still continuing to report noisy speeding Quad bike and off road motor bike riders to the Police on behalf of Oscott residents.
The dry warm weather when residents have to keep window open has not helped the situation. The weather also seems to have encouraged the problem

Sadly Quad bikes are not illegal provided they have insurance, mot license etc – this does come a s a shock to most people especially as there is no requirement to wear a helmet! I have asked our MP to look into the issue.
 If a Quad bike is seen being ridden in an antisocial way and  the Police  have a registration number they can warn the offender  – but generally they are noisy and unfortunately this will not be enough!  

Scramblers are not road worthy but the Police need addresses to warn these – and evidence of being driven in an Anti Social way will be looked into.

The Police going to do some plain clothes in the coming weeks as its too dangerous to approach these offenders ( often youngsters) in a marked vehicle – the risk is too high that they ride off and cause more harm to themselves or others!  

If anyone can give the Police addresses and registration numbers that would be a great help

 I will also be writing to the West Midland Police Commissioner about the issue.

Also see July 7th post


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