Wednesday, 3 August 2016


It has come to my attention that some motorists are driving on the pavements at the busy Hawthorn Road Shopping Centre to get as close to shops as they possibly can. They appear in a number of cases to be doing this regardless of pedestrians using using the some of the shops or to wait for the 28 bus.

The pavements are for the use of pedestrians, and while clearly there are occasions when shop keepers and others can park near a shop, pavements should not simply be used to save a few minutes when a motorist goes shopping.
It is an offence to drive along a pavement and I have asked the Police to monitor the situation on Hawthorn Road.

I am still trying to encourage traders on the Oscott side of the road to use their rear access ways but sadly an opportunity to have a pad lock and chain to secure some gates has been turned down. If more traders and their staff were to use their rear access way it would free up car parking space for shoppers.

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