Thursday, 25 August 2016


A couple of Burford Road residents have asked me why a new gap in the Burford Road playing field is being considered.
I have seen the issues for myself and received a number of calls and emails on the subject, which is why I  suggested and fully supported the closure of the gap for a trial period to see how it went. I would prefer to see it kept closed and look for other opening options.
However We now find that hundreds of people have been signing petitions ( including a number of resident who live in Burford Road) basically saying it was wrong to close the gap. Or would like us to open a gap further down the road.

 We have had reports of children climbing of the fence not wanting to walk to the other gap which could lead to an accident happening and some residents are threatening to re-open the gap or cut through the fence themselves. Some of the users of the field also have said they would feel safer with 2 entrances.
We are continuing to press the Police to be more proactive re the parking issues in the road but they are struggling to find enough officers due to cuts and so on.

The Kingstanding gates are opened by Council officials at the times when use of the field has been paid for and clubs can use that parking area during the time clubs have officially paid to use the pitches. Parents of the children are requested to use that entrance when picking up and dropping off their children.
There is no intention to close the field and those officers who manage the field, my fellow ward Councillor,s and I are seeking a compromise  which is currently being sort
I am fully aware there are no easy solutions.

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