Thursday, 22 December 2016


Christmas Meal – Elim Life Church  aim to put on a high quality meal for our Food Bank clients with a small gift for the family. Christmas can be a hard time for those in need . I can vouch from my own visit and discussing matters with those who attended the meal it is a real relief for many families.
It is sad that in this day and age that these food banks are needed but unless the Austerity tactic to solve the countries ailments is re thought about  and changed, I fear they are hear to stay.

I would like to thank those volunteers who work all year around and at Christmas to help many who are in real need.


In Kingstanding many people are living on the edge of poverty ( there are also a number in the Oscott area). National statistics show that 34% of households in Kingstanding with dependent children have no adult in employment – this is more than double the national average. 31% of adults are claimants of main benefits and 50% have no qualifications.

All it takes is a sudden, unexpected event – a bereavement, illness, redundancy – to throw people into a genuine crisis. This is where the Food Bank can literally be a lifeline to families and individuals who find themselves in this situation.

The Food Bank provides people with the essentials at a time when they need them most, filling the gap of days – or sometimes weeks – before other parts of our social infrastructure can come into play. Elim Church  collect dried and tinned food through Fareshare, supermarkets, churches, schools and individuals.

Food parcels are made available to local families and individuals sent on referral. Referrals come from registered professionals including doctors, health visitors, church pastoral workers and social workers.

The Food Bank is also able to provide emergency “homeless” packs which include soap, blanket, toothpaste, toilet roll etc. as well as nappies and baby food.

What can you do?

Become a Food Bank depositor – add an item from The Food Bank shopping list – eg. a tin of tuna, a packet of pasta, cup-a-soups, jam etc – when you go shopping. Then deposit it in the local Food Bank collection point at:

Elim Life Church Kingstanding, Warren Road, B44 8QD
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12noon – 2.00pm

OR use the Collection Point at Tesco Express, Hawthorn Road

OR look out for one of their special collection days at the Co-Operative, Hawthorn Road or Asda, Queslett Road.

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