Thursday, 5 November 2009


Councillor Barbara Dring and I attended a public meeting to discuss the future of the Cooksey Lane Playing Fields last night. We were pleased to hear from representatives of the leaseholders Maxims that they had exiting plans for the site.
These include trying to raise funds for Astra turf and even a boxing pavilion which could be built on the back of the site. These facilities would be of wonderful benefit to local youngsters.
We also heard that after representations tree on the boundary of the site will be pruned shortly. This will be a relief to the sites neighbours.
The area's Councillors were asked to go on a new committee but I suggested and it was agreed this was in the form of observers who could go when possible. Local resident and organisations as well as users of the site will also be making up the committee.
As I say exiting times are are predicted for Cooksey Lane.

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