Wednesday, 4 November 2009


POLICE are warning parents in Birmingham not to buy their children mini motos for Christmas presents as they could end up being confiscated and crushed.
They say the vehicles are unsuitable for children and teenagers, cause a nuisance and, in most cases, are illegal.
These days’ youngsters ride around parks, reserves and streets on the miniature engines which can be dangerous to pedestrians. Many pedestrians also feel that this is anti social behavior and noisy.
“There is nowhere in Oscott where the mini motos can be legally ridden.”
The motos, which cost over a £100, need tax, insurance, a license and MOT to be legally driven. But they cannot be used on the pavement, road or in a public place. The only place they can be legally ridden is on private land – such as a large garden or farmland –there is very little of this in Birmingham let alone Oscott. And police say in most cases they are unroadworthy as they do not have horns, a speedometer, or lights and the brakes are often not good enough.
: “This is the time of year when parents are thinking about what to buy for their children for Christmas they should – think twice about a mini moto. It is just not worth it.
The Police if they spot these mini motos can confiscate and crush them and I am told they will do so.”. No one wants to be a kill joy but what the Police are saying does make sense.

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