Friday, 5 February 2010


On a sadder note during today’s Planning Committee I asked how the Councils proposed deletion of the of Biodiversity Officer and Nature Conservation Manager Post will effect the Planning committee and its commitment to Bio diversity.
You may not be aware that it has been proposed that the posts of Biodiversity Officer and Nature Conservation Manager be deleted – leaving the city open to be challenge regarding its duty to safe guard our wild life.
It would also mean for example that the Council would be unable to meet the new requirement to register outdoor pools under the Aquatic Animal Health regulations 2009, without which Park rangers will be unable to legally remove fish from pools that require de-watering.
The Planning officers present were unable to answer my Questions and those of my colleague Councillor Ian ward later on. I also insisted that they contacted the Leisure Service department for clarification and I have been in contact with Councillor Marin Mulaney (Lib) Cabinet member for Leisure Services, asking him to look again at the Issue

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