Wednesday, 24 February 2010


If the amount of complaints I am recieving about dog fouling is anything to go on, there seems to be a big increase in the problem.
Towards the end of last year I found out because of cut backs, libraries in the area were no longer giving out free doggy bags. I had that sorted out at the time. However even if for some reason there are no free doggy bags or scooper's available, there is still not excuse for letting a dog foul the pavement and not removing the mess.
This year I have been in touch with the Environmental department asking for their officers to monitor the streets more and ensure offending dog mess is dealt with. I have also asked that the Pan City Environmental team take some time in the Oscott area, looking into the problem.
I am sure if this is a success, we will find out about it in someones leaflet but there you go.

Dog mess should be collected and either taken home or put in a litter bin (if wrapped first) Most dog owners know this and are responsible, but I hope the rest remember the message pick it up wrap it bin it.


Unknown said...

I know I've already contacted you about this, whether free doggy bags are given out or not, it really is pure laziness on the part of the dog owner. Most people have a few carrier bags at their disposal in the home, so why not use those instead? The walk from my house in Ringinglow Road to the School and back again is sometimes horrendous, constantly watching where my kids are treading. The Queslett Road between Ashover Road and Cotleigh Grove can be particularly bad sometimes. There are so many dog walkers about, it's hard to pinpoint who's responsible.

Keith Linnecor said...

Heather Thank you for your comments.
As you can see from my post I agree with the first part of your comments.
You will I hope also note that I have asked for the Pan Birmingham Team to take a look at the dog fouling problem faced by residents in Oscott. The area ayou have indicated has been passed to the team for them to look at.