Friday, 23 March 2012


A number of bemused residents have contacted myself recently regarding what is happening about the Burford Road playing fields fence.
Many residents have recieved a confusing document suggesting moving fencing from Tysoe Road and putting it on the Burford Road Boundary and painting it green.
Other residents have been informed shorter fencing is replacing larger fencing and so on.

To try and sort this confusion out I am trying to arrange a site visit with those responsible for the Burford Road Playing field and hopefully those who decide what fencing is appropriate on the field.

In my view and moving fencing from one side of a field to another is not cost effective. As I have been for some time, I am calling for new fencing (of a similar height) to replace the old chain mail fencing on the Burford Road Boundary and to look at replacing the old wall style fencing on the Melcote Grove boundary. (I would be against putting any fencing anywhere near the Hawthorn Road as suggested, as it is not part of the Burford Road playing field?)
I would also be against moving any fences from the back of residents homes.

If there is funding for fencing available residents must be consulted and sensible ideas to keep within budget must be considered.

If you would like me to know your views on this please contact me or fill if you live near the field fill in the form you have recieved from Tristan Chatfield recently.

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