Friday, 16 March 2012


I am aware that it is election time and articles in leaflets can get a little distorted, however I need to correct an article in a leaflet currently doing the rounds in Oscott,
In the leaflet it is inferred that Labour Councillors are “sabotaging” attempts to have Out Door Gym equipment put in suitable locations around Oscott for the use of our residents.
I have to point out this is incorrect as all the Councillors in Oscott Know, as I have included them in a number of my Emails sent to senior Council officers.
For example Labour Councillors have asked for a number of locations to be considered and that consultations with residents and safety issues be investigated.
Council officers are I understand still looking into this matter but many of the locations suggested by various people including me, have been found to have safety issues and there are also issues regarding the suitability of the equipment and its on going maintenance costs.
Finally the Leisure Services department suggested rather than lose the opportunity for funding why not do some upgrading works on the Aldridge Road recreation ground which is something I have been asking on behalf of residents for some time.

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