Monday, 25 June 2012


Centro the ITA are now replacing the old Transport Users Forums with a new system which will mean more opportunities for users of Public Transport to put across their concerns.
Amongst other things there will be 4 sessions in each West Midland District where a display bus will be available in order for Transport Users to inform Bus companies and Centro directly about their concerns. During these sessions for the first time Public Transport users will be able to discuss issues personally with a Councillor who is a member of the ITA.
Former member of the old TUF's will be given an opportunity to become Bus Champions and get much more involved.
Centro/ITA  will also hold new style meetings with organisations with an interest in Public Transport.
Many Public Transport Users felt let down by the of TUF meeting because of the poor attendance of some ITA Councillors especially in Birmingham, hopefully this will no longer be the case.
I am very happy to be working with Putting passengers first Lead member for the ITA Councillor Kath Hartley on this issue.
For more details please EM me on
There should also be more details in a press release from Centro shortly.


Robin P Clarke said...

That would be the same councillor Kath Hartley who has for the past few years been colluding in Centro's deceiving the bus users about the trashing of the bus system by their Metro extension as per .
And the same "exhibition" bus that has been so successfully invisible and peculiarly shy on the same matter.
Sorry, but there's nothing to see here except a different flavour of wallpaper to conceal the sleaze-slime dripping everywhere. All the bus champions in the universe will be worthless in absence of honest ears listening with respect to what they say.

Keith Linnecor said...

I disagree with these comments and have offered to speak to the person who has posted them on a one to one basis at one of my surgeries or by phone if thet would like to let me have their number.