Saturday, 23 June 2012


How to contact me.

Just a reminder of the ways you can contact me.

You can email (council Business) on
Write to me C/o The Birmingham City Council House, Victoria Square B1 1BR
you can ring me 0121 360 6486
or 303 2039 message service - council issues.

Or you can attend one of my Saturday surgeries which I hold most Saturdays at the 610 Community Centre 10.30am (ring to confirm attendance.)

Most Oscott residents will also over the years have received at least one of my "Tell me your concerns" cards these can be posted F.O.C. (If you have not got one give me a ring and I will let you have one.)

I also do home visits for those with genuine mobility issues.(Please phone with details)

I do my best to respond A.S.A.P.

Whether it is election time or not I am always willing to try and help if I can although clearly I can make no promises.

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