Saturday, 30 June 2012


 I have been informed by the Erdington District Manager that sadly at the end of July the Rough Road Neighbourhood Office in Kingstanding ward will close.

While I understand that cuts are being forced on Councils across the country by the Government  this will still be a blow to many residents in Oscott who use this office.
The official reason for the closure is I have been informed that "the Council has reduced budgets and the needs to achieve savings and a recognition that the rationalisation of the Neighbourhood Offices Network".
  This was a decision by the full old Council Cabinet, supported by the Council some time ago and so the closure of Rough Rd now needs to be implemented.
 There is nothing due to a continued lack of funding, that current Council Administration can do about this previously made decision
 Service users will  be re-directed to alternative NO's on the North of the city I understand and there will have to be a fight to ensure their services are kept. You may be assured your Oscott Councillors will do what we can and we will be asking that the many elderly residents in Oscott who use this service are considered. For example home visits.

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