Saturday, 30 June 2012


 With regard to what is happening to requests for Vehicle Activated Signs for Kettle House Road, Kingstanding Road and the Aldridge Road and following yet more delays.

What I find frankly ridiculous is the bureaucracy that there is in having these Vehicle Activated signs (Some times known as Speed Indicator Signs)put in place.  Remember engineers have been on site and agreed that there is a need for these signs many months ago.

From what I have gathered the current process is that the following groups and processes have to be considered

CCG                Capital Co Ordination group
RCCG             Retinue Consequences Co ordination group
TSSG             Transportation and Street Services Group
and the following taken into consideration
PDD               Project definition Document
PEP                Project Entry Proposals
TMP              Traffic Management Protocol
MAS              Maintaince Assessment Summary
COF               Control    order forms
I understand that an initiative can be stopped at any time during the processes above.

I have to admit at this point I gave up on my research into the matter. This level of bureaucracy appears to be frankly ridiculous and I would imagine it would almost be cheaper to get a District Transportation Engineer to stand on the side of the road all day with a flag saying "slow down".

I am calling on the powers that be to review the whole process however I have the feeling it they did it may well lead to even more pen pushing and meetings taking place.

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