Tuesday, 10 December 2013


 We all need to Standing Up For Birmingham and Oscott
to save local services from the Government cuts.
The government is taking millions away from Britain's cities.
Fairness - Birmingham has been cut by £149 per person this year. If all parts of the
country were being cut the same then the cut would be £74 per person – and
Birmingham would be £79 million better off this year.

Next year will see further cuts of £120 million threatening local services.
Scale of the cuts - Birmingham City Council has already lost 7,000 employees since
the General Election reducing the total to 14,000. And more cuts are on the way.The highest priority - has to be the protection and care of the vulnerable children and
the elderly in the care of the Council. But many local services face cuts.

The City Council Administration is determined to stand up for Birmingham.

Residents and community groups across the city are being invited to give
suggestions and practical support to maintain the facilities and services which will
otherwise be lost. The City Council will work with the views and suggestions of local

FOR FURTHER DETAILS  www.standupforbirmingham.org.uk

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