Tuesday, 10 December 2013


 I have been asked a couple of time now what will prevent residents who have not paid for the green waste removal service from just taking a green wheelie bin from a residents home who has paid for the service.

The plan is that each bin will be fitted with a chip attached to the property which will mean each bin should be identifiable.

More importantly, though, there would be little point in anyone stealing a bin, for garden collections,as the crews will only collect from addresses which have paid, so in effect, a thief would be advertising themselves by putting out a stolen bin for collection. 

Those who have paid for the Green Waste removal service should receive their green Waste Wheelie bin in the spring of 2014 next year. 

 Another question I have been asked is what would happen if the wind blew a wheelie bin into a car.
Please note this answer is not meant to be legally sound but my thoughts only for more information seek professional legal advice.

If you put your wheelie bin in an unsafe place, then you may be I would imagine be
liable for any damage ?

If a Council employee  put the wheelie bin in an unsafe place, then they
(the council) may be liable for any damage.?

If the bin is in a safe place but is blown over by the wind, then
nobody is liable. However why would it blow over except if there was a very high wind and that could just as easily blow over a dust bin or recycling boxes.

The salvage crew who empty the bins  should, if given a choice, place the
bin at a safe distance from nearby parked cars. If given no choice,
they can't be blamed.

If the bins were returned to the gardens then the problem wouldn't arise.
In this particular case the road goes gently uphill, which destabilises
the bins a little to start with, the prevailing winds blow down the hill
and today were very strong, naturally the bins roll and trip and fall,
usually they stay where they lie. This one hit his car as it fell. The
pavements are normal sort of width, about 4 feet wide.

This as I have indicated is my view of the situation. If you are unlucky and your wheelie bin hits a car or the other way round contact the Councils call centre and let them know. You may also consider contacting your insurance company for advice.


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