Monday, 3 March 2014


Sadly the dead line (28th February)  given by Persimmons at a public meeting at the Oscott Ward Committee Public meeting 27th November has been missed.
I did indicate at the meeting in November that in my view given the winter period can bring all sorts of issues giving a dead line date was not the best thing to do and now as we can see I was correct.

Senior Representatives from Persimmons are still hopeful that the dead line will only be missed by a matter of weeks and along with my councillor colleagues I will be trying to keep them to that time.

I have once again reminded Persimmons that the opening of this road is urgently needed as residents are often having problems getting off the Estate onto the Queslett Road and need the 2 entrances to the road.(the other being Sandy Lane)
The Road is a private one however Persimmons and residents will be allowing motorists to use it as soon as they can although they do not have to.

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