Wednesday, 19 March 2014


A number of Oscott residents have now contacted me asking when is the best ( less busy time) to use the Holford Drive Recycling Centre.
I hope the information below helps.

Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) – Peak use times

As the summer nears and the weather improves, Birmingham residents are being reminded of the options available when it comes to disposing of garden waste.
Due to central government funding cuts, the city council has introduced a green recycling, chargeable service for 2014, which started in February 2014.
The annual subscription for is £35 (or £33 if booked online). Alternatives include home composting or visiting one of the city’s five household recycling centres (HRCs).
Anyone who decides to use one of the HRCs is being reminded that the sites do experience peaks in visit numbers, so the council is issuing guidance to people planning to visit one of the centres.
Generally, the peak periods are:
·         Between 10am and 3pm weekdays
·         Saturday to Monday are the busiest days
·         After 9am on weekends

Therefore, the best times to visit the HRCs are:

·         Tuesday to Thursday

·         Before 10am and after 3pm on weekdays

An alternative is home composting – which turns waste into nutrients for gardens and can help reduce climate change. This is an effective and cheap way to get rid of garden waste.
Residents can find out about the different type of compost bins available and the price and delivery charge at
For details of the locations of the city’s HRCs, please visit:
To subscribe to the green recycling service, please visit:

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