Wednesday, 12 March 2014


 The Oscott Elderly Residents Group which is a self help group helping elderly Oscott resident get out and about have recieved small grants from the Oscott Community Chest in the past

The time to apply for a grant from the Oscott Community Chest is fast running out. The dead line to get an application in, is The 31st of March. 2014*
Sadly due to large cuts in the Councils funding by Central Government, the Oscott Community Chest has been cut by the Council to 40K this year so competition for funding grants will be tougher than ever.
Helping to make the decision on who is awarded a grant are Council Officer the Oscott Ward Advisory Board. (Community Representatives, Representatives of local organisations, the police and so on) and the 3 Oscott Councillors - Barbara Dring, Tristan Chatfield and myself.
Things the Oscott Ward have given grants for in the past are-
 Community groups to help them operate.
Groups that help the Elderly and Children.
CSPAN which helps young people through sporting activities.
Environmental Clean ups.
Crime prevention initiatives
And many others
There are also occasion when although the Oscott Ward does not award a Community Chest grant but we can pass on information regarding where else money may be available from.
You can find out more by looking at posters which are in the Kingstanding and Perry Common Libraries or by contacting the Oscott Ward support officer Mr Ken Brown 675 2349 but do not delay you will need to fill in and return an application form by the dead line..*
The form needs to be filled in and returned by the deadline.

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