Friday, 25 July 2008


Due to vandalism, decease and the need for drop curbs there have been a number of trees removed from the streets in Oscott recently. As a result some of our streets look bare of trees and they need to be replaced. The problem is there are only 150 new trees allotted to the whole of the Perry Barr Constituency every year and there is a waiting list for replacement trees.

It is sad that where trees are too large and need replacing, this is often not done and it is often the smaller type of tree which is prone to decease that have to be taken out. The smaller type of tree are often far more popular than the large forest type tree. There needs to be a replacement program for the larger type of tree.

I understand the Council do try and replace trees which are taken out when possible, but it seems to me the numbers of trees being replaced for what ever reason is growing.

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