Saturday, 26 July 2008


Many residents will have noticed that recently the Transportation department, had speed indicator signs put in place on the Aldridge Road near the Wicks store, Perry Barr . While this was a worth while thing to do from a road safety point of view, why can they not do the same to some of the roads in Oscott.

The Kingstanding Road springs to mind for a start. On this road you have different speed limits and the stretch between the College Road and Hawthorn Road is one where speed indicators should be considered.

There is also the Queslett Road and even further up the Aldridge Road between the College Road and the Drakes Drum Public House. I will be calling on the Birmingham City Transportation department to consider these an other locations in the Oscott area.

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Anonymous said...

What is this council doing councillor Linnecor? There are a number of roads in my area Oscott which need taffic calming and nothing is being done.
I know you are trying to get something done but is anyone else?