Friday, 25 July 2008


I am often asked by fellow bus users and local residents "what happens to the old and some times not so old bus shelters which are being replaced in the Oscott area."
Well despite what some may think , many of these bus shelter are recycled. That is to say they are taken away, cleaned up, resprayed and used in other areas of the West Midlands where they are still needed. So as you can see they are not all thrown away as waste scrap metal!.
Another question I am some times asked is "why do they keep putting in glass and not the plastic style windows."
The main reason for this is because the plastic windows are 5 times as expensive as the glass windows. There is usually an estimate on how many times the windows are broken and that is how they decide, which type of bus shelter window to put in.

If you have any similar questions about bus shelters please give me a ring -360 6486

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Anonymous said...

It is good to see that bus shelters are being recycled and not wasted. Thanks for the information.