Monday, 3 November 2008


I have now been asked to represent the Council as a member of the Cycling Advisory Group and with much trepidation, given my current work load I have agreed to give it a go.
For those who do not know, the aims of this group is to discuss all aspects of cycling in Birmingham with the Council and other agencies.
Many Oscott residents will know of my campaigns on behalf of local cyclists, to get more cycle racks in the area (like those in Kettlehouse road and near the Kingstanding Circle) and now hopefully with this new post, I can help ensure the views of local residents when it comes to cycling, are promoted.
When it comes to cycling there are 2 views which seem to be dominate. Those who think cycling is the way forward to ease Traffic congestion and for a healthier life style and those who just think cyclist are a nuisance who should not be on the road. Well you can guess which group I belong to!
If you have any views concerning Cycling please give me a ring 360 6486

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