Friday, 21 November 2008


I was contacted by member of the Busy Bee Nursery staff this week who had heard last Friday, their Nursery would be closing in July next year. They were informed of the by the Sutton Coldfield (Great Barr Campus) This is a great shame, Busy Bees have been been using the college building for 15 years, have 90 children attending the nursery (they are over subscribed) and employ 30 staff, mainly from the Oscott area.
SuttonColdField College want the rooms where the Busy Bee nursery use, for students who will be coming from the Joshua Mason College as part of a land deal with Birmingham City Council.
Residents are rightly concerned about the effect all this will have on the already awful parking ,there is around the college.
The college have indicated they need the space for these new students at the college and will try and create more parking spaces.
I am not convinced. I think more should be dome for the Busy Bee Nursery and they should have been allowed to stay until the College moves in 2010.
As Busy bees have no alternative locations to go to I have asked the Council to help them find somewhere to re locate if possible. We need this facility in Oscott for Oscott Children and we need to keep Oscott resident employed
If you know of a suitable location where the Busy Bees Nursery may find a new home please give me a ring 360 6486.give employed.

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