Saturday, 15 November 2008


A number Burnham Road residents and local traders have contacted to day and asked for my support, to try and stop a planning application for a take away in Burnham Road being allowed..
They will get my full support and I am sure that of Councillor Barbara Drings to.

The plans to open a take way close to a junction that has been plagued by parking problems the way this junction has for the last 4 or 5 years if frankly ridiculous. The existing takeaways near this junction cause enough problems and the parking problems caused by students from the near by Great Barr college is to say the least at times dangerous. The Police have not got the man power to deal with current parking problems at this junction and the Councils Transportation department, have been dithering for some time trying to come up with a solution.
There have also been a history of anti social behavior associated with the shopping area where the take away is proposed for and a number of residents have stopped complaining because of fear of reprisals.
Residents are now collecting a petition which they have asked me to present to the Planning Committee on Thursday and I am only to willing to do so on their behalf.


Anonymous said...

I hope you can do something to stop this take away plan/

Anonymous said...

Do your best to stop this takeaway we do not want it.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

It is good to see some one trying to do some thing to try and stop this planning application. We do not need anymore Take Aways around here.