Monday, 10 November 2008


Many residents have complained that local shops are disappearing and local traders need supporting.
So far I agree, but what is really needed is every one to get behind our local shops and use them.
Shopping areas like the Hawthorn Road and the Kingstanding Circle are suffering mainly as a result of residents going to the near by Tesco and ASDA super stores.
Residents who are concerned about being able to use stores on their door steps, need to think a little more, about how they can support local shops.
Those with mobility problems for example often struggle to get to the big supermarkets and need their local shops. We all need our local shops from time to time, so lets try and use them a bit more often.
USE THEM OR LOOSE THEM. Like the Post Offices they need support all year around and not just before they give up and have to close. Think carefully about what you can buy from your local shops, instead of from the big supermarkets. Already many of our local shopping areas are being taken over by Charity shops and Take aways. There is nothing wrong with these sorts of shops in moderation, but we need to keep other types of retailers as well.
I am now leading a campaign to try and get shoppers to think local and to try and get the Council (and the Government) to be more sympathetic to small shopping areas, especially in Oscott.
Please think about buying from local shops if you can. I hope our local news papers will take up the challenge as well. Shopping locally is also environmentally friendly as it can save on car journeys' which add s to air pollution

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