Saturday, 9 October 2010


I was pleased to hear that the Oscott Elderly Residents Group (Chaired by Maureen Byrne) has been awarded 1 thousand pounds by the "Birmingham Community Foundation" I would along with Members of the OERG like to thank the Foundation for this wonderful donation and I am sure the money will be well used.
This funding will enhance the small amount of Community chest funding the Oscott Ward Committee gave to the OERG earlier this year.
I know this group do a lot of good work as I attend a number of their meetings to help out and give advice when I can.
They give elderly and often frail Oscott Resident a helping hand and a place to go away from their own four walls.
I understand coach trips are being planned and I am sure many of members of this group will be grateful for a day out.
If you would like more details about the activities of the Oscott Elderly Residents group please ring 464 1869

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