Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I am often criticised by some Councillors who do not presumably like to keep residents informed about they are doing in their wards, for being in the press to often.
I have to say I disagree with this view. Like with using a blog to inform residents, although it does allow some, to use the information in their leaflets, the press is good way of engaging with residents.
I think it is important to let residents know what is happening without bombarding them with leaflets. For example as well as using the press and this blog I also hold regular Advice Bureaux's on most Saturday mornings at the 610 Community Centre Kingstanding road at 10.30 am and attend a number of residents groups meetings.
I do not think Councillors should be frightened of meeting their residents face to face as this is often a good way of really getting to know residents concerns

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