Thursday, 17 February 2011


Citizens Advice Bureau offices in Birmingham will remain open for the time being - despite losing funding. August will now be the next crunch dead line, lets hope it is not just delaying the bad news until after the local elections?
The offices were due to stop their open-door policy last Friday but postponed the change to hold a meeting with Birmingham City Council on Monday.
The position of the Kingstanding CAB is like the other offices across the City still uncertain but things are a little more positive, however with the Council cutting funding at every opportunity nothing can be certain.
The Council needs to continue to fund the CAB and ensure that they can help residents through the tough times ahead..

Both Councillor Dring and I hold Councillor Advice surgeries and will continue to try and help resident in a one to one situation.
I operate a Councillors surgery most Saturdays at the 610 Community Centre, Kingstanding Road at 10.30am.
We also carry out home visits for those with genuine mobility problems. Ring 360 6486 for details.

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