Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Audacious thieves have struck at the Queslett Nature Reserve stealing over one thousand pounds worth of wooden boundary fencing. The fence along the Booths Lane boundary of the reserve was surgically removed late yesterday afternoon or early evening. 7 large wood fence panels of a cross timber nature were stolen.
This theft would not have been a easy take. The wooden post were cut through by mechanical means and the wight of these fence section would have been considerable.

The Police and Leisure Service department are baffled but doing their best to find the culprits.
I believe my self, the fencing was stolen to order and is now probably now on a farm or a similar piece of land.
The Police are appealing for witnesses and given the location there are probably a number of people who would have seen this theft happening without realising it. If you have any information please contact the Police.

The fence will have to be replaced but finding the funds will not be easy. It took a few years to find the funding last time and I will do my best to get the ball rolling.
The fence is needed to stop motor bikes and Quad bikes entering the reserve and putting the reserves users, lives in danger as well as disturbing the wild life. The fence is also a defined boundary for the reserve.
I know I can speak for the friends of the Queslett Nature Reserve and many residents when I say the people who stole this are disgusting and need to be caught.

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