Saturday, 22 October 2011


The Oscott Residents Association have collected yet another petition to be handed into the Birmingham City Council House. Their Chairman Nigel Quinn told me " how can we given in ?resident who live in this area know it is only a matter of time until a serious accidnt happens.
We are determined not to give in despite being rejected by the Transportation department over and over again."

Resident rightly want improved road safety measures on the Aldridge Road between the Boars Head and the Metropolitan College.
Over the years residents and I have called for better signage, a traffic light at the Greenholm Road, Thornbridge Avenue, Aldridge Road junction and vehicle activated signs.
There are 2 elderly residents complexes on the Aldridge road near the Perry Locks bridge and these resident should be able to, with the help of their careers to go out and cross the Aldridge Road safely.
A pelican crossing placed in the vicinity of the elderly residents complexes would help them do that, and also slow the traffic down generally?.
I am no engineer but there has to be ways of improving road safety along this stretch of the Aldridge road. I admire the residents tenacity in this matter and I will continue to help them all I can.

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