Friday, 7 October 2011


A few years ago along with Councillor Barbara Dring on behalf of concerned local residents requested the Council's Safer Communities Team and the Police to consider on option for closing the Templeton Road to Old Oscott Hill Right of way.
This was either, on a permanent basis or on a dawn to dusk basis.
This is now possible following the previous Governments changing the complex right of way regarding right of way closures in cities legislation.
However we were not successful on that occasion following a lot of hard work by the Council residents the Police.

There have been numberous complaints recently from residents suffering from burglaries and anti social behaviour in this right of way. With this in mind and given the Police have a new senior local officer and the Council has a new Safer Community Team leader, I again asked the Council and the Police to look again at the issue during the summer.
They have as a result put together a letter to residents including a survey. This is being put out at the moment.
This letter will go to residents in the surrounding area as the Council are obliged legally to consult widely with local residents regarding the closure of a right of way.

There are now 3 options with regards to the gating off the route:
Permanently gate the route (24 hours a day 365 days per year).
Gate the route for certain times of the day (i.e. dusk till dawn)
Do not gate the route (leave the route as it is)

This issue is a difficult one to resolve as parents taking young children to the Mary vale School for example use this right of way.
I have insisted all views be considered before any decision is made.
The Police and the Safer Community team will be looking very closely at the results of the survey.

If you have a view on the issue please send me an Email at

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