Friday, 7 October 2011


Sadly there has been yet another traffic accident in Kettlehouse Road where the emergency services have had to be called out.

This has happened despite the location of a vehicle speed indicator in the road. This followed an active campaign by local residents, Councilor Barbara During and myself which included a petition which I handed in to the Council on behalf of residents.
The request was also supported by the Oscott Ward Committee following a meeting regarding the issue of road safety in Kettlehouse Road.

I have throughout the summer, following my election been actively working to get the sign relocated slightly to a better petition in the road.
For example I have been requesting Councillor Timothy Huxtable who is the councillor with Cabinet member for Street services on a number of ocasions to do what he can get the Speed idicator sign relocated and to improve road safety in the area. In fairness to him as I know from recent conversations with him, he has been trying to get his officers to resolve the problem

However something further must be done to improve road safety in Kettlehouse Road and Banywood Road and I will continue to press the Transportation department to take action as I understand the residents frustion.

I do not pretend like some! To be a Traffic engineer, but some measures they could consider and which I have suggested in the past are, things like, better street markings,warning signs, improvements to the junction at Norbury Road, Kettlehouse Road, either changing traffic priorities or possibly even introducing a small traffic island.
I have also recently asked the Transportation department to introduce a 20mph zone on the Bandywood Road near the Kingsland School.
There must be some form of improved road safety measures that the Councils Transportation department can carry out and they need to come up with some of action.

At my request the Police and their Speed Community Safety volunteers have been in action in Kettlehouse Road which may have helped but they can not be there all the time.
By coincidence as recently as the day before the accident I brought up the subject of road safety, including Kettlehouse Road at the Oscott Police Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting and I will also continue to ask the Police to keep Kettlehouse Road as on of their priorities.

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