Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Khalid Mahmood MP for Perry Barr has assured me he is still keeping the pressure on the government department responsible for tree pruning policy's, with regards to having what appear to be a very poor policy and set of standards changed.

Khalid fully understands the concerns of Oscott residents when it comes to the problems they have with old , over sized trees in their road. he is fully backing my campaign for more to be done about the problems conacted with trees in the Oscott area.

Problems such as the need for more  large tree replacement, falling branches, poor light and roots issues which all need to be addressed better.

As part of my campaign Councillor Tristan Chatfield is organising a further pubic meeting on the subject of trees in the new year. The meeting will be chaired by Councillor Barbara Dring.

All of your 3 Oscott Councillor are regularly out and about in the Oscott Ward discussing with t residents the problems they face due to trees not being pruned enough.
 Getting something done is not going to be easy but we will be giving it a go.

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