Monday, 30 November 2015


Although the creation of an extra lane leading from the Queslet Road to the Queslett Road slip road near the Nova Court Junction has helped the recent accident at the week end has show more needs to be done.
Every time there is an accident near this junction residents living in Booth Lane, Caddick Road and Bowman Road are trapped on that estate due to the fact that junction is the only exit.

Along with local residents as part of a working party I am working with Taylor Wimpey and the Transportation department to get the Booths Lane made into a through road again. There are still major problems however due to Taylor Wimpy and their Health and safety department.
The road is a private one currently  owned by the developer Taylor Wimpy.

I am also still calling for traffic lights to be placed at the Nova Court to Queslett Road junction.

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