Tuesday, 10 November 2015


The Birmingham City Council Labour Councillors are to elect a new leader.

 The candidates are.

In no particular order.

Penny Holbrook.       Stockland Green Ward
John Clancy              Quinton Ward
Barry Henley             Brandwood Ward
Ian Ward                   Shardend Ward
Mike Leddy               Brandwood Ward

The winner will then have the opportunity to be elected as the Leader of the Birmingham City Council at the next full Council meeting. Other parties may put in their own nominations.

The Labour party working with others in arranging a meeting where the public may hear the above candidates answer questions.
 Details have not yet been finalised. I will report the date when known.
 This is meeting is expected to be live streamed in order that anyone with an interest can watch.

Also NewsInBrum @NewsinBrum
news@newsinbrum.com NEWS and POLITICS in Birmingham are arranging a meeting (to find out more contact them via Twitter)

I have already asked Oscott residents via Twitter AND WHEN OUT AND ABOUT if they have any questions for the candidates which I will pass on.
 If you are an Oscott resident and have a question please email me on. Keith.Linnecor@birmingham.gov.uk.

The Birmingham Labour Party Councillors Group will have the finale say in the election of their leader process but I would hope they would all welcome your interest and views.

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